KeePass – Secure Your Passwords!

THE STU REVIEW  –  Security. We all need it. The Chinese built the Great Wall; IT Departments build firewalls; now we have a solution to the question, “How do I protect my passwords?”. Introducing KeePass, the brilliant solution to store and protect all of your passwords. keepass_logo After two thirds of the internet was vulnerable to being hacked recently, protecting our passwords is not an option. KeePass isn’t a program that protects you when your browsing the internet – it’s is a military-grade encrypted vault to store your secure passwords and usernames. As far as anyone knows, it is impossible to break in to. Vault02It’s generally advised that you don’t use the same password more than once – that means for every online account you have, you need a different password. Are you going to write them down on a piece of paper? Are you going to try and just remember them? With KeePass you don’t have to; it stores them for you. Once you download KeePass, you create a Master Password to log on- the only password you will have to remember. Forget it though, and there’s no way of getting it back unless you’ve written it down. TheVaultKeyKeePasscan also generates what’s called a Key File – a secure file stored somewhere on your computer (you can choose where). If you create one, KeePass will require this Key File for anyone to log on, so even if someone manages to figure out your Master Password, unless they have the Key File, they still can’t get in. The other thing about KeePass is that you can also keep it on a USB drive if you want to, so that you can take your passwords with you. Don’t take chances with your passwords. Keep them in a secure place – protect them with KeePass.

Verdict:  Highly  Recommended!

2 thoughts on “KeePass – Secure Your Passwords!

  1. Great little review 🙂 one thing for clarification though; 2/3’s of the internet wasn’t hacked, rather, was vulnerable to being hacked 🙂


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