Adobe Flash Builder Keeps Closing

I had an issue where every time I opened Adobe Flash Builder, it kept closing and telling me to look at some log file. With a bit of googling, I found a very useful answer which I’ll repost here for you.



Apparently the eclipse workspace gets corrupted. Here’s a solution that works:

  1. Close Flash Builder, and double check inside windows task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) to make sure that it’s not still running
  2. Navigate to the workspace folder, which should be under your username, so something like: C:\Users\Your Name\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7
  3. Highlight the ‘ .metadata ‘ folder and press Ctrl + X to cut it and move it to another folder
  4. For now, paste it inside your User Name folder, outside of the Adobe Flash Builder folder, so paste it to: C:\Users\Your Name
  5. Launch Flash Builder and see if your issue is fixed
  6. Close Flash Builder (this saves your default workspace settings and creates a new .metadata folder)
  7. Go inside the original .metadata folder that you moved, and copy these two folders:.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\

    Then paste them inside the new .metadata folder under:  C:\Users\Your Name\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7\.metadata
    It will ask you if you want to replace folders and files – say yes.
  8. This will restore the projects, workspace settings, and key bindings. 


This last part wasn’t recommended by the website, but it seemed a good idea to me and hasn’t broken anything.

  1. Go back to the original .metadata folder that you moved. There will likely be other folders that are not in the newly created .metadata folder
  2. Copy all of the folders now, and go back to the new .metadata folder in: C:\Users\Your Name\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7\.metadata
  3. Paste the folders in, but this time if it asks you to replace the old folders with the new ones, say NO.
    This way you will copy the folders that you still need, but won’t copy the corrupted files.
  4. If for some reason this last part causes Flash Builder to stop working again, repeat the previous section steps 1-8, and ignore the additional steps 1-4. But it should work, it did for me.

The reason I did this extra step was because there were a considerable amount of folders not in the newly created metadata folder, and I wanted to make sure all of my settings were saved.

Hope that helps you.


Original article.

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