The Nodus – The New Game for Android

A new logic puzzler has just been released that will exercise your brain and stimulate your fun sensors! Level4GIF

You’ve heard of brain training? It’s time for Nodus training! Solve the sliding block puzzles deep inside the dark caverns of The Nodus. Out now for Android, it has over 32 puzzles that will challenge your mind, entertaining you for hours. The game is crafted in retro pixel art giving it a Gameboy era nostalgia. Relaxing music is placed in the background to soothe your soul as you lose yourself in the puzzling caverns.


As the original puzzles were being developed, Stuart Burfield, the developer, realised that his brain was feeling sharper. His memory was improving as were his visualisation, lateral thinking and problem solving skills. As he watched people play the early game, he saw players were having the same experience – they were feeling sharper! Not only will The Nodus entertain you, but you will feel your neurons activating as you solve the puzzles, learning to think ahead and plan your moves, eventually seeing your mistakes before you make them. It’s perfect for playing on public transport or a chill out game session at home. You can stop and pick up each puzzle again where you left off at any given time, making it the perfect mobile puzzler.Feature1024x576

You can get it now for Android here. Learn more at

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