How To Play Music in Puzzle Script

NOTE: Currently this feature seems to be broken in Puzzle Script, so skip to the Next Tutorial

You’ve learned to make Puzzle Script games, but wouldn’t it be great if they had some music? Well, they can! This tutorial will show you how.  It assumes no prior programming knowledge except the previous Puzzle Script tutorials I have written. Especially if you’re making a prototype for a bigger game, it can be useful to test some styles of music out in your Puzzlescript prototype first, which is something I did with Puzzledorf.

What To Do

Open the starter project. The way that music works in puzzle script is that you can link your game to a single Youtube video. PuzzleScript will then automatically play any sound in that video. Open Youtube and choose a music video you like or use this one:

To play music from the video, you need to grab the video’s unique ID. The part highlighted in green above is the unique ID.


Underneath the homepage author tag at the top of your project, add the youtube tag followed by your video’s unique ID, like so:

youtube CKAc3nYEatw

To test and see if it works, click ‘Share’ and click the game link (not the source code link). You can’t hear music while testing inside the Puzzle Script editor. If you want music in your game, you will have to upload it as a Youtube video and put the unique ID in your project. You can only have one Youtube video per project.

Sample Project

You can look at a sample Puzzle Script project here. The next tutorial teaches you how to use the Action Command.

Next Tutorial >

If you enjoyed reading, try my game Puzzledorf out on Steam and Humble Bundle.

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