Nodus Massive Update

The Nodus is getting a massive update in the coming months. The mobile version currently out will get a massive graphics overhaul, tons of new puzzles, including brand new puzzle types, a bigger world for you to explore, brand new customizations and unlockables, and other new features to be announced. An early concept of the new graphics style is shown below.

Castle Design 52sml

In addition to the big update for mobile, a PC version of The Nodus is planned for Steam. The aim of the game in the new version will be to explore the forgotten kingdom, searching for powerful relics that will restore a dying land back to life. The above is one of the castle rooms our hero is trying to escape from.

The original version of The Nodus is currently out on iOS and Android. Look forward to more updates coming soon.


4 thoughts on “Nodus Massive Update

  1. hey, so you seem to have pulled your game out of the appstore. it’s a shame on one hand, but it’s cool you’re releasing a bigger more perfected game in the same vein.

    i will grab it on ios on the day of release. please keep us updated. thanks.

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    • Thanks for your interest! The game hasn’t been pulled from the appstore deliberately – Apple have stopped supporting 32 bit apps and it was automatically removed, and until recently I didn’t realise mine was made in 32 bit. When I have time soon I’ll update a 64 bit version of the original.


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