Puzzle Realms – A New Game, An Old Game

Some of you have played The Nodus – and are also aware I was planning on updating it. As I’ve gone along this journey I’ve realised that for now it’s better to leave the mobile app as it is, and make a brand new game for Steam.

This game is Puzzle Realms.

It will be taking inspirations and puzzle idea’s from The Nodus, so in a way it’s a remake, and also a sequel in that it will include lots of new puzzle types and ideas. This is partly because The Nodus was made in another engine, and for all the effort it would take to re-create it in a new engine, and for all the changes I was planning to make, it seemed better to make a brand new game for PC.

Here’s some artwork.


The keen of eye among you will notice that there are graphic similarities to The Nodus, as it is a type of remake, but it will be it’s own brand new game.

Adding in the coins is going to change some puzzles that before seemed simpler – because blocks can’t be pushed over coins! I will be finding other ways to toy with the formula as well and challenge your mind, and will be aiming to add lots of extra replay value to this new version.

I’m planning to have a bit more of a non-linear structure to the puzzles, with some form of over-world map with different ‘realms’ representing the different puzzle types, and within the realm there will be a main path of puzzles to complete as well as optional off-shoot puzzle paths that will net you extra rewards.


The new engine I will be moving the game to is Unity. I’m really looking forward to Unity adding a Tilemap editor in the recent versions. This will hopefully make my life so much easier! So far everything I have experienced in Unity is that it makes life easier – except for post-processing and lighting in large 3D games, which thankfully this game doesn’t have to worry about!

The planned release platform at this stage is Steam and PC but I will be looking at releasing on other PC platforms too. Beyond that, we’ll see.

Look forward to more news coming soon!


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