Puzzle Realms – Coming For Mobile

Puzzle Realms is the new block pushing puzzle game I’m working on for mobile. It’s about exploring what makes a good block pushing puzzle, with puzzles that look simple in design actually being quite hard.

Beach Cave 02b

I’m planning to have a bit of non-linear structure to the puzzles, with some form of over-world map. There will be a main path of puzzles to complete as well as optional off-shoot puzzle paths for those desiring more of a challenge.

It will be made in Unity. I’m really looking forward to Unity adding a Tilemap editor in the recent versions. This will hopefully make my life so much easier! So far everything I have experienced in Unity is that it makes life easier – except for post-processing and lighting in large 3D games, which thankfully this game doesn’t have to worry about!

Beach Concept 29

The planned release platform at this stage is Steam and PC but I will be looking at releasing on other PC platforms too. Beyond that, we’ll see.

Look forward to more news coming soon!

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