Puzzledorf Nearing Completion

Blog Screen 2

Puzzledorf is nearly done. A lot has happened this year. I completed a Graduate Diploma in Business Management at AIE (The Academy of Interactive Entertainment), which specialised in developing a video game business. The school are specialists in video game and film education – previously that’s where I learned programming.

I then began the AIE Business Incubator, where I have received rent free office space to use for a year (that’s fantastic for me!) to help me properly start a video game business. I’ve also received a government grant through NEIS, and I’ve been doing work on Puzzledorf, as well as prototypes for other potential games.

Now that I’ve nearly completed Puzzledorf, I wanted to share a little bit more on it, and my future plans. As you can see from the screenshot above, the look has changed a lot. I’ve also added animations (still adding more effects; I plan to animate the sun rays).

Animated Water

To finish the game, I’ve decided to split it in two. The first game is intended for Steam release before Christmas, and I hope to have the sequel done early next year. The sequel is going to have a ton of new and unique puzzles in it, so look forward to it.

In the mean time, get ready for Puzzledorf coming out soon! I’ll let everyone know when the Steam page is up if you’d like to follow it.

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