Scaling Difficulty on Puzzle Games

I want to talk about scaling the difficulty on puzzle games, covering design and practical tips on scaling and playtesting the difficulty. This article is particularly focused on linear puzzle games but you could apply these techniques to other games.


3 Keys to Play Test Your Game

Play-testing is fundamental to Game Design. The aim is to observe people playing your game to so that you can identify areas of weakness in your design and methodically improve it. There are 3 keys I’ve found to help you play-test your games. The 3 Keys Observe Test Measure This is similar to how you would conduct…

Game Design Lessons From The Nodus

I recently released my sliding puzzle game, The Nodus, for Android and iOS. This article reveals the game design lessons I learned, decisions I made and why through the design process. Many of these are small lessons, but together they make The Nodus work. Fade-ins and Fade-outs I wanted every screen to have a soft fade in and fade…