Puzzle Design in Puzzledorf: Reflections

This article covers the guidelines for puzzle design that I used in Puzzledorf and my answer to the question, "What makes a good puzzle?" It's not intended to be the only answer, but instead is a guide through my journey about what worked for me.

Tutorial Design in Puzzledorf: Reflections

Teaching people how to play your game is a critical component of game design - and yet a lot of players hate tutorials. So how to teach people without boring them? Better still, how to provide a tutorial that players don't think of as a tutorial? This article discusses the subject through the lens of Puzzledorf.

Megaman 11 And Breaking Down Levels

I've mentioned Mark Brown before as a game design channel you should watch. One of his more recent videos is on the game design of Mega Man 11. Making a platformer is something I've always wanted to do, and possibly will do for my next project now that Puzzledorf is finished. Mark's analysis is great.... Continue Reading →

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