How To Change Screen Size at Runtime – Unity

This article shows you how to change the screen size at run time via script, while avoiding the unexpected pitfalls that can occur, as well as other topics, such as toggling full screen and windowed modes, limiting frame rate, toggling vsync, and setting the resolution.

How To Use Arrays – C#

What Is An Array The best way to picture an array is to think of it as a series of boxes, all in a row. Each box holds a variable, but all of the same type. Below is an example: If we wanted to store an array of integers, or int's, it might look like this: The... Continue Reading →

What Are Logical Operators – C#

You might have seen if statements with some confusing symbols: &&, || or !. These are called the logical operators, and are used to create more complicated logic within an if statement. They are: && - the Logical AND operator || - the Locical OR operator ! - the Logical NOT operator Quick Examples But what do they do? I will give some quick examples. if... Continue Reading →

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