Mark Brown’s Game Design Youtube

I’m always on the lookout for good sources of materials on Game Design. One such source is Mark Brown’s Youtube Channel. He does a really amazing job at looking at different games or topics and breaking them down in really understandable and interesting ways.

Retro Game Colour Palettes And Tools

This post contains a bunch of colour palettes you can use in your games and pixel art projects, as well as some resources for helping you to automatically generate or manually create your own palettes, as well as some other resources. Updated periodically as I discover more stuff.

Sell your Indie Games for free

THE STU REVIEW – So you’ve made a game – now what do you do with it? Do you sell it on Steam, hoping that it gets greenlit? Or do you attempt the mobile market, hoping to stand out against millions of other games? Or perhaps there’s another way? In steps is free for developers…

Adobe Flash Builder Keeps Closing

I had an issue where every time I opened Adobe Flash Builder, it kept closing and telling me to look at some log file. With a bit of googling, I found a very useful answer which I’ll repost here for you. Solution Apparently the eclipse workspace gets corrupted. Here’s a solution that works: Close Flash Builder, and…

gifCam – Record Animated Images for the Web

THE STU REVIEW – You know those flashy animated images you see on other peoples websites? Have you ever wondered how you could make your own? Well now you can, with gifCam. gifCam is how I record my gif’s, as above. It’s a recorder that sits over your desktops, and it will record whatever is…