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I’ve decided to welcome tutorial requests. If there’s something you’d like a tutorial on, comment below. Comments will not immediately appear due to moderation, but I will receive them. Being a solo game developer, I have limited time, but as long as it’s on the following topics, I’ll at least consider it:

  • Programming
    • C#
    • Unity
    • C++
    • Puzzlescript
  • Game Design
  • Unity Development
  • Pixel Art
  • Business
  • Project Management
  • Game Development Software / Tools
  • Music
  • Sound Effects

I have plans for other tutorials and game design articles in the future, but if people make requests, it will show me what else they are interested in.

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

9 thoughts on “Request a Tutorial

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  1. Hi, the links for the ini examples for android are down, I’m using ini object inside my app, it’s working fine (loading and saving values etc) except if i remove the app and install it again then ini file resets, am i missing something?


  2. Hi,

    I was wondering how to emit a particle around the island to indicate foam movement on real-time, instead of pre-draw shoreline, i found most people they draw the shoreline of the tilemap and just paint in through tile palette, but not a dynamic particle system. Maybe my approach was wrong or any other approach to do this.


    1. This isn’t something I’ve tried to do specifically and will really depend on the game. In Puzzledorf, being a Puzzlegame, I found an animated shoreline was too distracting from the puzzle. In an adventure sort of game, it might be quite appropriate.

      As far as particles, I did write a tutorial here you may not have seen:

      As far as limiting where the particles appear, you will have to look through the particle settings and experiment a bit. Particularly look at the “Start Size”, “Start Lifetime”, “Start Speed”, and look at the “Emission” and “Shape” and just experiment until you get the effect you want. “Size over lifetime” is good too.

      I may consider further tutorials on particles in the future but that will get you started.


    2. But yes the most common way is to animate the shoreline by hand with animation frames / tiles. It really depends on the effect you want to create. Particles without the hand animation may or may not suit your style. Particles with hand animation may even look better. Hard to say without experimenting.


  3. I really enjoyed your tutorial about top down grid movements and the detail description in each line! Is it possible to have a tutorial for top down to push or pull objects one unit at a time like in your game?


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