Christmas 2018 & Puzzledorf Update

This year has been one heck of a year. In fact the last three years. I’ve disappeared into the world of study, doing study in programming and then post-graduate studies in business. Now that time is about to end. This means I will have the time to be a lot more active on this blog.…

Puzzledorf – Coming for Steam

I’ve given hints of a new puzzle gaming coming. Now it’s time to announce that game in full. Puzzledorf. Puzzledorf has been in development for a couple of months now. I’m hoping it will be ready for release in 2019. As I am a solo developer and caught between work and post-grad study in business,…

How I Optimised My Game In Unity

Last year I was working on a big RPG project as part of my studies. It looked great but didn’t run so well on the ps4 dev kit.  After a lot of tweaking I got it from a pretty stuttery frame rate to something smooth. This guide will tell you how I did it.

New Christmas mini Puzzle Game

Christmas is just around the corner! With only a few days left, I got excited and decided I to make a quick Christmas themed puzzle game. I made it in roughly 3 days to finish it before Christmas, so really it’s a mini-game. I hope you enjoy it. Have a very Merry Christmas! Play it here.

Game Design Lessons From The Nodus

I recently released my sliding puzzle game, The Nodus, for Android and iOS. This article reveals the game design lessons I learned, decisions I made and why through the design process. Many of these are small lessons, but together they make The Nodus work. Fade-ins and Fade-outs I wanted every screen to have a soft fade in and fade…