Puzzledorf – Out Now on Steam!

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Puzzledorf is finally live today on Steam and Humble Bundle! Get ready to start solving puzzles and pushing blocks!

You can see the launch trailer below.


Welcome to Puzzledorf, the land of puzzles! Designed for all skill levels, this game is a fun way to exercise the brain whilst immersing yourself in the vibrant 2D art.


  • Original 5 Worlds + 2 Christmas Worlds
  • Classic block-pushing + Ice sliding puzzles
  • Mirror Mode
  • Steam Achievements and Local High Scores
  • Cloud Saves (Play on any PC and continue where you last played)
  • Colour blind options
  • Undo mistakes

Publication Reviews

“The classic box pushing puzzle game is especially fun if set up well, and Puzzeldorf is short, sweet, but immensely satisfying.”
88/100 – CCGR

Steam Summary

“I cannot pin it down but this Sokoban has something.” – Thisha

“It unexpectedly pulls you into a world you didn’t know you were missing from… A game that calms you and raises your intelligence… It doesn’t make you feel stupid; instead, it provides a strange level of clarity, making you instantly feel smarter.” – Pweruvian

“This game is amazing! Really enjoying the vibes.” – Summoners Drift

“If I were to describe Puzzledorf in one word, it would be ‘elegant’.” – AP

“Really cute, well done puzzle game, the charm of the graphics style and the super satisfying retro sound effects are great… challenging without being infuriatingly difficult.” – Kat

“You will not be disappointed with this little gem of a game.” – swcoghlan

Christmas Update

Puzzledorf now includes a free Christmas update, adding new worlds, new ice-sliding mechanics, Steam achievements and Steam Cloud saves!

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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