Christmas Update Out for Puzzledorf! New Puzzles

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To celebrate the approach of Christmas, a free new update for Puzzledorf releases today on Steam and Humble Bundle! The update adds 2 more worlds with a new mechanic – sliding on ice. Once you push a block, it will continue sliding until it hits another object – and oh, they’re actually not blocks this time, you’re pushing presents! You can see a glimpse in the trailer below.

There’s lots of candy canes, christmas presents, snow and snowmen! Furthermore, the Christmas puzzles will be unlocked from the start, so all new and existing players can enjoy them immediately. And as an extra little touch, the snow levels from the original game now have animated snow falling down, too.

The first few levels start off easy but the last couple should present a good challenge to anyone who has completed the original puzzles. Newcomers will enjoy it, but if you’re looking for some more challenges to sink your frozen teeth into, you won’t be disappointed! The update is out now, so what are you waiting for? Go play it now. I’ve added a couple of images from the update below.

Oh, and Steam cloud saves are now enabled.


  • 2 new worlds
  • New Ice sliding mechanic
  • Steam cloud saves added as of v.2.1.2

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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