How To Check Next To Objects – PuzzleScript

Sometimes you might want to check what's next to an object. You might want to check if a duck is sneaking up behind you, or you might want to create blocks that can only be pushed horizontally, but not vertically. We can do this without too much difficulty.

How To Check Movement Direction – PuzzleScript

There might be times when you want to check for something only in a certain direction. You might, for example, want to create blocks that can only be pushed horizontally. Or you might want to create a duck that can only walk left. Whatever your reasons, you specify things to occur only in specific directions. 

Intermediate PuzzleScript Tutorials

I have created a series of intermediate tutorials for PuzzleScript. These tutorials are aimed at someone with no prior knowledge about programming, except that you have read my beginner tutorials for PuzzleScript. 

How to do Gravity in Puzzle Script

Typically PuzzleScript is used to make top down games, like I did with Puzzledorf, but you can in fact emulate some of the elements of side-scrollers, albeit with the limited rules of puzzle script, in that it is still turn based. This tutorial will cover how to make gravity. I did a bit of an... Continue Reading →

Creating Checkpoints in Puzzle Script

So you have this idea for a great Puzzle Script game, but it involves checkpoints. You want the player to be able to reset to the checkpoint if they press reset or if they die. How do you do that? This tutorial will cover it, and it's very simple.

Checking Multiple Conditions in Puzzle Script

Ever wished you could check for more than one condition at a time in Puzzle Script, like is there a bomb anywhere on the stage AND a destructible block? This tutorial teaches how to check multiple conditions. It builds on knowledge from the previous beginner tutorials, which I recommend if you're new to Puzzle Script.

Beginner Puzzle Script Tutorials

I have created a series of beginner tutorials for Puzzle Script. These tutorials are aimed at someone with no prior knowledge about programming or Puzzle Script, covering everything in step by step detail. Tutorial links below. Make Your First Puzzle Script GameStart Programming in Puzzle ScriptCreating ObjectsSetting Win ConditionsUsing The Late CommandUsing Sound EffectsHow To Use The... Continue Reading →

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