Checking Multiple Conditions in Puzzle Script

Ever wished you could check for more than one condition at a time in Puzzle Script, like is there a bomb on the stage AND a destructible block? This tutorial teaches how to check multiple conditions. It assumes no prior programming knowledge except the previous Puzzle Script tutorials I have written.


Checking For Multiple Conditions

Open the sample project. Now add this code to your project:

late [Player Switch][DoorClosed] -> [Player Switch][DoorOpen]

The code follows this format:

[ Condition 1 ] [ Condition 2 ] -> [ Action 1 ] [ Action 2 ]

If condition 1 is true, and condition 2 is true, then do action 1 and action 2. In this case, condition 1 is checking if the Player is on a Switch. If he is, then condition 2 is checked, which is, is there a closed door anywhere in the level? If the check is true, then the DoorClosed object becomes a DoorOpen object, opening the door.


Say we want the door to close when the hero steps off the switch though, because we want the player to push a crate onto the switch to keep it open. You can write something like this:

late [Player | Switch][DoorOpen] -> [Player | Switch][DoorClosed]

If the player is standing next to a switch, and there is an open door anywhere in the stage, close the door. Finally, we want to keep the door open if we push a crate onto the switch:

late [Crate Switch][DoorClosed] -> [Crate Switch][DoorOpen]

Now the door will stay open when there is a crate on the switch.


You can see the finished sample project here. The next tutorial covers how to create checkpoints in your games.

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