How To Check Next To Objects – PuzzleScript

Sometimes you might want to check what's next to an object. You might want to check if a duck is sneaking up behind you, or you might want to create blocks that can only be pushed horizontally, but not vertically. We can do this without too much difficulty.

How To Check Movement Direction – PuzzleScript

There might be times when you want to check for something only in a certain direction. You might, for example, want to create blocks that can only be pushed horizontally. Or you might want to create a duck that can only walk left. Whatever your reasons, you specify things to occur only in specific directions. 

Creating Checkpoints in Puzzle Script

So you have this idea for a great Puzzle Script game, but it involves checkpoints. You want the player to be able to reset to the checkpoint if they press reset or if they die. How do you do that? This tutorial will cover it, and it's very simple.

Puzzle Script Review – Make Puzzle Games Easy!

Puzzles. Games that make you think. They've existed for thousands of years, and now anyone can make one with Puzzle Script. It's a free, simple game creation tool designed specifically for html5 block-pushing puzzle games similar to my game Puzzledorf - although by mucking around in it's basic scripting system, it's easy to make many other... Continue Reading →

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