Puzzle Script Review – Make Puzzle Games Easy!

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Puzzles. Games that make you think. They’ve existed for thousands of years, and now anyone can make one with Puzzle Script. It’s a free, simple game creation tool designed specifically for html5 block-pushing puzzle games similar to my game Puzzledorf – although by mucking around in it’s basic scripting system, it’s easy to make many other types of games.

You can easily use it as a prototyping tool for a commercial game, which is what I did with Puzzledorf, or if you really wanted you could sell the html5 game somewhere like itch.io. I use it to make small, experimental games and prototypes and I love it! Below is an example of Puzzledorf.

The graphics in Puzzlescript are limited to 5×5 sprites. It doesn’t look as nice as Puzzledorf above, however, the simple graphics means you can get straight into programming and design which is what makes it such an awesome tool to design puzzles quickly and test out fun ideas!

Puzzle Script is a simple scripting language. To make a character push a crate, all you need to write is:

 [ >  Player | Crate ] -> [  >  Player | > Crate  ]

Which literally means, if the player is next to a crate and moves towards it, then move the player and the crate. The arrows indicate direction, so to make a character pull a crate, just flip the arrows like this:

 [ <  Player | Crate ] -> [  <  Player | < Crate  ]

The programming is so easy to learn and use, you can pick up the basics right away in my tutorials. Games made with it are instantly shareable online. All you do is click the Share button and it gives you a game link you can immediately paste anywhere that links to your game.


To design levels you get a visual level editor (Fig 1). Left click places a tile, right click erases a tile. The levels can be any shape or size, using as many different objects as you want. All objects are 5 x 5 pixels, simplifying making graphics so you can focus on game design instead.

Level Editor

There is also sound effect generation right inside the editor. Just click on the different icons to create different sounds for use in your projects.


Sound Generation

It is quite easy to do music through linking youtube video’s, which my tutorials cover. One glance at the gallery of games on the main Puzzle Script website shows the degree of flexibility with this engine. It also does automatic saving and loading for you, so all you have to do is make a game.

PuzzleScript Gallery Above

Something else interesting about Puzzle Script is that many of the games have a ‘Hack’ button. This means that people can click on it and modify all of the source code so that they can create their own version of the game. It truly is a community project.

I have started a series of tutorials on Puzzle Script aimed at those with no programming experience. Check them out here. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create a fun game!

Final Thoughts

Puzzle Script is one of the coolest games creation tools I’ve ever seen, and it’s so much fun. It’s a good entry point for those wanting to learn programming, and a brilliant game design tool for everyone else. I even used it to help design my game, Puzzledorf. It’s instant online sharing and simple functionality makes it unparalleled for a sliding puzzle games creation tool. I highly recommend Puzzle Script.

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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