Puzzledorf – Coming for Steam

I’ve given hints of a new puzzle gaming coming. Now it’s time to announce that game in full. Puzzledorf.

Beach Cave 02

Puzzledorf has been in development for a couple of months now. I’m hoping it will be ready for release in 2019. As I am a solo developer and caught between work and post-grad study in business, and producing the entire game myself, it’s still very much in the early stages.  Above and below is some early concept art.

Beach Concept 29

A lot of my time has been going in to producing prototypes in Puzzlescript. You can see some of my early Puzzlescript games here on Newgrounds which have helped inspire Puzzledorf. It’s going to take some of the key idea’s for the Sokoban genre, but then put some unique and interesting twists on it.

Forest PC10

Puzzledorf will be released first on Steam, and then I’m considering to port it to mobile at a later date, if it feels like it will fit the platform, which it probably will. Above is a concept with PC in mind, the earlier concepts began with mobile in mind.

When the game is further along I will release more details about some of the unique puzzles. For now enjoy the concept art and look forward to some new games from me in 2019 ( I have some other surprises being planned ).

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