Wishlist Puzzledorf On Steam

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The Steam Page for Puzzledorf is now live for those who would like to wishlist it ahead of release. You can visit here.

It’s been a long journey getting to this point, and a long-time dream of mine to have a commercial game available on PC and Steam. Long before Steam ever existed I remember making small games with my friends on old commodore 64’s, Visual Basic, Game Maker and The Games Factory. At the time, all I wanted to make was either an RPG or a Sonic clone.

Well, now here I am putting my own mark on the gaming landscape with Puzzledorf. It’s not a Sonic-clone, but the world does give a bit of an RPG-type vibe, a sense of adventure from some of my favourite old classics. I really wanted to give players a sense that they were journeying through a magical world.

It really means a lot to me getting here. A lot has happened. But I am very pleased to be releasing this game soon, currently planned for release in July 2021.

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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