Puzzledorf Announcement Trailer Out

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Here it is – coming to PC in 2021! You can watch below. It’s been really interesting learning what goes into making a good Steam trailer – and it’s even harder for a game with no story.

Underneath the trailer I talk about some of the tips I’ve learned.

Generally there’s a few rules of thumbs I picked up:

  • Get into the interesting stuff as soon as possible
  • Leave people with something to make them curious or asking questions
  • Don’t start with developer logos
  • Don’t just show a bunch of game footage – try and get across what makes your game unique

It was kind of hard to convey what makes this game unique in the trailer, because a big part is my unique design philosophy. By asking, “what makes a good puzzle?” I hope that it makes you curious to discover the answer with me as you play through this game, because that question is what drove the development and design of every puzzle. To create puzzles that look simple, but are in fact quite challenging. To challenge, but be welcoming to all skill levels. That was part of my aim.

It was also very helpful, making this trailer, to have a a supportive network who don’t mind watching 10+ revisions of a game trailer!

Stay tuned for more game details.

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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