Android Development Guide for Fusion 2.5

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This guide contains information and tutorials for Android Mobile development. I have since moved on to Unity where I developed my game Puzzledorf, but this guide should still be relevant. If there’s anything you think should be added, or if you have a link to a better example than the one provided, please comment below.

Fusion vs Fusion Developer limitations with Android

Getting started
Setting up the SDK and development files
Selecting an Android SDK
Setting up graphics scaling
Android Permissions
Build failed – things to check

Saving data
Getting Arrays Working with Android
Saving with INI
Example with saving with INI
Save and load frame position

Virtual Keyboard
Virtual Keyboards 1
Virtual Keyboards 2
Recognizing characters in a string
Expression Editor explained further

Making an editable text box example
Loading and embedding text from external files

Virtual Joystick
Setting it up
Customizing and viewing

Moving Characters
Moving a characters by dragging your finger
Platform movement for Android

Game Examples
Look in: C:\Program Files\Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5\Examples\AndroidPlus
Dual Stick Shooter
Drag Object Example
Custom Button Controls
Accelerometer Example
One Tap Jump with Platform Movement Object
Mouse drag

Tilt Controls
Fernando’s Example on Tilt Controls

Date and Time
Get device date and time

How to access the flashlight

Accessing the camera with camera object

UI (User Interface) and Menus
Guide to Status / Navigation Bars
Creating Custom Drawer Menu
Custom ‘Rate Me’ Button
Disable built in Keyboard
Swipe to change frames

Scrolling Menu
Slide / Snap to for Menu’s Example
Vertical and side menu scrolling – done by moving objects
Very simple sliding menu, responsive speed
Vertical scrolling menu

Setting up Objects
How to find the center of the screen

‘Is a sample not playing’ doesn’t work with Android – how to work around
Optimizing Audio – How to use lots of sounds and use less memory from audio files
Troubleshooting issues with sounds not playing over each other

Online Databases
Chartboost Example and Online Highscore
Online Multiplayer Tutorial – Using Lacewing
Testing for internet connection
Use ‘Send Intent (share)’ 
Loading a website from device local storage
Protecting online high scores against hackers

IAP and Ads
IAP Guide
IAP Examples
Chartboost Tutorial
Blocking scammers stealing In App Purchases without paying – read whole conversation
Troubleshooting In-App Purchases & How to use In-App Test Mode

How to use video in Android
Troubleshooting the Android Video object

How to Keep the Backlight from Turning Off

How to get the physical dimensions of a devices screen size (not resolution)

Checklist – Before Release
Optimize your game for Android
Saving memory with detectors
How to work out if images are power of 2
Splash Screens
Icon Templates
Android Icon Guidelines
More Android Icon Guidelines
Keystore Generator Tool
Setting a version name for your App

What happens if you lose your keystore file – keep it backed up!

A quick look at localisation

How to release the game – Only some parts are relevant. Some of it clickteam has done for you, like the keystore. Particularly look at the bottom section, ‘Becoming a Market Publisher’
Googles Launch Checklist
Clickteam checklist and promotion by Clickteam

Where am I allowed to sell my Android game?

Error Messages
Setting Target API to determine which devices your game runs on

Marketing your game
Getting your game out there

App Annie is a free analytics tool specifically for Apps – search any app!

Money Making Ideas
Selling your game to a publisher through FGL and other idea’s

Tips for Porting to IOS
Porting issues with arrays and crashes
iOS Android Array from Binary

There are a lot of things to remember but the key parts are to optimize your game and use OGG’s for audio.

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  1. I just wanted to leave a ‘Big Thank You!’ on here as there are several articles you’ve written on here that are incredibly informative and helpful. Keep up the great work! 🙂


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