94/100 – Review From CCGR Updated!

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Good news! Previously, CCGR kindly reviewed Puzzledorf and gave it a solid review score of 88/100, something I was very proud of! Recently, I told them how the game has been updated with the 24 new beginner puzzles, updated graphics and the new, original soundtrack. Well, they loved it all so much that they updated the score to 94/100! I am super pleased with that!

Not only that, the reviewer loved the soundtrack so much he says he loves relaxing with the music in the background and recommends people check out the soundtrack store page!

You can read the full, updated review from CCGR here.
You can also check out Puzzledorf on Steam here.

Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting Puzzledorf! It is greatly appreciated!

As mentioned above, the game now features 24 new beginner puzzles designed to help ease new players into the game. They also include new achievements and, of course, Mirror Mode counterparts. The graphics have been updated, with all the classic and Christmas levels having a fresh new look with lots more environmental decorations and variations. And, of course, there’s the new original soundtrack. Hope you enjoy playing!

Soundtrack preview:

Latest game trailers from the update:

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