Puzzledorf: Beginner Puzzles, New Soundtrack & Graphics – Out Now!

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Puzzledorf can be found on Steam here.

Lots of changes in this update. Here’s the list:

  1. 24 new beginner puzzles (not inc. tutorials) have been added to the game, creating an easier starting point for new players
  2. The soundtrack is finally released
  3. Minor changes to a few music tracks
  4. The final graphical changes are now in-game
  5. Worlds are now named

Here’s the new trailer:

Beginner Puzzles

New beginner puzzles have been added to the game. These are super simple compared to what’s in the game already, but they are intended more as a teaching tool to get players new to puzzle games more comfortable with this different way of thinking.

I have noticed that some new players had been getting stuck early on, so I felt this was a necessary addition to the game. Now it’s in, I’m free to start working on ports and getting back to the new ‘Ruins’ puzzles.

Soundtrack Released

The soundtrack is now for sale here on Steam. There’s a launch discount of 34% off if you’re early. Also, for anyone who hasn’t bought the game, you will be able to buy the game and soundtrack together at a discount. You can preview short versions of the songs on Youtube here.

Here’s the soundtrack trailer:

Also here’s previews of the new beginner music:

Graphics Changes

The final graphics changes are now in game, and the worlds are all named now. In Classic Mode, Palm Beach (world 1), Elder Forest (world 2), and Belmoor Caverns (world 5) have all had graphical upgrades. You might want to head back for a fresh experience.

You can check Puzzledorf out here on Steam.

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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