Out Today – New Classic Music

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A new update is out for Puzzledorf on Steam today. Summary of changes in this update:

  • New Music added for Classic Mode, Title and Menu Screens
  • New animated Title and Menu Screens
  • New graphics for worlds 3 and 4, other graphics updates coming soon
  • Volume adjustments on Sound Effects to fit new music
  • Minor fixes including rare music loop bug, graphical fixes to W1-7
  • “Original Game” renamed to “Classic”
  • Block animations modified

Music and Graphics

The new music for Classic Mode has now been added to the game, as well as the new graphics for Worlds 3 and 4 of Classic Mode. There are also new, animated title and menu screens. You can hear previews of the music added so far here. There is also new music coming for Christmas mode, but that will be released in another update.

There have been minor volume adjustments to the base levels of the sound effects and music so existing players may want to adjust their volumes again.


Pricing hasn’t changed yet. I will release the new Christmas music very soon, then when I update the graphics in the following update (probably in August), I will increase the price of the game to $10 USD, as well as release the new official Soundtrack to buy on Steam at $10 USD.

The Future

When the Ruins update gets released later in the year, which is a significant content update with new puzzles, the price will be raised one last time to $10 USD. I have plans to release more content for Puzzledorf after that, but no plans for further price increases. Except some more updates with free new puzzles in the future. I also have plans to port Puzzledorf to console, probably looking into this after the Ruins update.

Beyond that, my attention has been turning towards other projects. I have started toying around with a fun little RPG prototype (shown below) that may evolve into a full game. More on that in the future.

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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