New Soundtrack Coming, Graphics & Price Changes

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I’ve been very busy working on updates for Puzzledorf, and there’s quite a lot to discuss. Covered in this newsletter:

  • A brand new sound track is coming to replace the old, licensed one
  • There will be minor graphical enhancements to the old worlds
  • A preview of several of the new music tracks
  • Ruins update is on hold while the new soundtrack is being worked on, but still coming soon
  • There’s a price change coming soon

I will cover the above points in more details below.

New Soundtrack

Puzzledorf will soon have a brand new sound track to replace the old one. One reason is the current soundtrack is licensed and will keep costing me more money, but I also want something that’s more individually tailored to suit Puzzledorf’s unique vibe, giving each world it’s own personal mood and flavour. This will be achieved through original music for the different worlds, taking players on a deeper journey than ever before into the unique, atmospheric world of Puzzledorf.

Graphical Enhancements

Some of the classic worlds will be receiving minor graphical enhancements. A concept of World 3 and 4 below shows some of the changes I’m doing. Some plants have received new colours, while I’ve also added new decorations altogether.

Preview Music

Preview versions of each music track will be available to listen to for free on Youtube, with the full track available to buy on Steam once the update hits. Here are some of the preview tracks below (subject to change). These are the new theme music tracks for worlds 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Classic mode.

Ruins Update On Hold

Since my priority is to replace the soundtrack (while also adding graphical updates), the Ruins update is temporarily on hold and will be coming out later.

This is also because the Ruins update is taking longer than expected, since I’m putting a high amount of effort into creating as much content as possible, and ensuring high quality. At the moment there’s 32 levels in early testing, new worlds to explore, and brand new music. Below is a quick preview of some of the concept art that is subject to change.

New music added to the game in free updates will automatically be added to the Soundtrack as well, so once the Ruins update hits, anyone who already owns the soundtrack will automatically get the new music tracks.

Price Changes

When the new sound track is released, I plan to increase the game’s price to $10 USD. After that, I have no plans to raise the price again, but I do plan to create more free content. So if you haven’t bought the game yet, now is the time while it’s cheap. It won’t be this price again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the new music and graphics and look forward to the coming updates. I’m already excited thinking about what comes next after the Ruins.

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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