Audacity – Free Sound Editor

THE STU REVIEW  –  Sound. The doorway to music. We rely on our sense of sound so much that we could easily to forget how important it is. And when it comes to creating games, every body needs sound effects. Introducing Audacity – the free audio editor. AudacityLogo
There’s this idea that if something’s free, it’s probably not worth getting. In the case of Audacity, this simply isn’t true. Audacity is a brilliant program that gives you great power to enhance, editing, and reduce the effect of your audio files. screenshot1 You can cut sounds up, move bits around, create special effects or make the pitch higher or lower. You can even change the master sound level. Some sounds I had for a game were too loud, and it took only a few seconds to change their volume in Audacity. effects2
Audacity is easy to use and has useful help documents on the website. If you’re looking for a great sound editor that’s free, Audacity is for you. Download it now.

Verdict: Highly Recommended!

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