gifCam – Record Animated Images for the Web

THE STU REVIEW – You know those flashy animated images you see on other peoples websites? Have you ever wondered how you could make your own? Well now you can, with gifCam.


gifCam is how I record my gif’s, as above. It’s a recorder that sits over your desktops, and it will record whatever is within it’s window space. So if you want to record an animation from your game, just sit gifCam over the top and let it roll.

recordergifCam really isn’t for long movies, it’s for short animated images. They’re great for making web pages more exciting and for marketing your projects. The best part is, gifCam is free!

The one thing to be aware of is the fps settings. Under ‘Rec’, there’s a drop down menu where you can record at 10, 16 or 33 fps. Fps just means frames per second, and basically the higher the fps the smoother the image. I record all of my gifs at 33 fps.

Why not try gifCam out today and liven your website?  Download it here.

Verdict:  Highly Recommended!


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