Adobe Creative Cloud Keeps Signing Me Out

I named this blog post after the issue I was facing which, having solved it, enabled me to go on making my game The Nodus. Every time I tried to sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App, it signed me back out. I didn’t find a solution with a quick Google search, so I got online with the tech support and they were extremely helpful. The following is what I did.



First Things to Try

  1. Try closing and reopening the program. It may need to update
  2. If that fails, try resetting your PC
  3. Finally, try changing your password, just in case

If the above fail, try the following solution I got from Adobe Tech Support


The Adobe Solution

  1. Click on the Start Menu and in the search box type %LocalAppData%, then press Enter
  2. You should be in a folder. Click on the ‘Adobe’ folder
  3. Once inside the Adobe folder, click on the ‘OOBE’ folder
  4. There will be a file called opm.db. Delete the file
  5. Go to the Recycle Bin and delete the same file, opm.db, from the Recycle Bin
  6. Finally, sign in to the Creative Cloud Desktop App
  7. Click on the Apps tab – you should see all of the apps. If you do, excellent it worked. If you don’t, contact Technical Support through the chat link at the bottom of this page.

I did those seven steps and it worked immediately. Hopefully if any of you are having this issue it helps you as well.

8 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Cloud Keeps Signing Me Out

  1. none of these solutions are working for me… all i wanted to do was try the premiere pro program but it is impossible to even sign my self in? what is going on adobe?…


  2. It doesnt let me delete the omp file on my folder because it says Creative Cloud is using it. I do not have any Adobe Creative Cloud windows opened up.


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