Review – 88/100 – CCGR on Puzzledorf

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Review just in – 88/100 for Puzzledorf from CCGR! I am very pleased with what they had to say about the game and receiving a solid review score! You can read the full review here.

This is very exciting for me as it is my first professional review from a publication. The takeaway quote from the article:

“The classic box pushing puzzle game is especially fun if set up well, and Puzzeldorf is short, sweet, but immensely satisfying.” – CCGR

In fact one of their comments at the end was they would have enjoyed it being longer, which is high praise that they wanted to keep playing! It just so happens that I am working on further free DLC with new puzzles and new puzzle types. Here’s a quick glimpse into my prototyping phase:

It’s still very early yet, but right now what I am doing is using Puzzle Script, working out a simple graphics style to make prototyping quick, getting the code in for the new mechanics I intend to add, then begin creating levels.

Normally when I design new levels, I create a whole bunch, then I play test them and go through each one, working out the difficulty of the level based on average completion time, but also whether the puzzle needs tweaking, whether it is ready, or whether I should just toss it out.

I won’t spoil what’s coming but with this new DLC I intend to put a twist on the Sokoban / block-pushing formula, hopefully providing something new and interesting for Puzzledorf fans. I hope you will enjoy it. Look forward to more updates coming soon.

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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