Steam Achievements – Round 2 – Added

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New Steam Achievements have just been added to Puzzledorf! Previously the achievements would be completed by any player who completed the game. These new achievements are different. They are harder to get and score based, giving determined players something more to aim for. Here is a list of the new achievements:

  1. Beat W1-L5 in 19 moves or less
  2. Beat W1-L7 in 36 moves or less
  3. Beat W1-L8 in 24 moves or less
  4. Beat W2-L1 in 52 moves or less
  5. Beat W3-L2 in 61 moves or less
  6. Beat W3-L7 in 91 moves or less
  7. Beat W4-L1 in 39 moves or less
  8. Beat Christmas W1-L2 in 35 moves or less
  9. Beat Christmas W1-L3 in 22 moves or less
  10. Beat Christmas W1-L5 in 36 moves or less
  11. Beat Christmas W1-L6 in 31 moves or less
  12. Beat Christmas W1-L7 in 50 moves or less
  13. Beat Christmas W2-L2 in 45 moves or less

Each of these new achievements will be granted for completing a certain level within a specific number of moves. Anyone who has already fulfilled the requirements for these achievements will retro-actively be granted the achievement. Can you see a better solution to the level below?

I am currently working on some more free DLC for Puzzledorf. New puzzles are on the way. I have nothing to announce further at this time, but stay tuned.

Join the Discord. Talk about Game Dev. Talk about Gaming.

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