New Menu Music Preview

Introducing the new Menu Music for Puzzledorf that will be arriving in the next major update. It also contains a new, animated background. You can preview it in the video above.

With this piece, after a relaxing intro with the title screen, I am trying to then build a sense of anticipation for the player before the level starts. The constant drum kicks, with a driving bass line, overlayed with an other worldly melody, I hope gives a sense of both anticipation and a strange new world. I think it suits the game really well. There will be more original music coming soon.

In case you missed it, I also wrote a new, original Music Theme for the game, as well as designing an entirely new, animated title screen. You can see them below. With the new Theme Music, I was trying to create a sense of wonderment, inviting the player to explore a strange new world full of mysteries, as well as create a sense of relaxing calm, which I think is appropriate for a Puzzle game.

You can hear the new playlist here. Expect to hear these new music tracks and others in the next major update. Next I will be developing music for the new puzzles: the Ruins.

If you enjoyed reading, try my game Puzzledorf.

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