How To Use Arrays – C#

What Is An Array The best way to picture an array is to think of it as a series of boxes, all in a row. Each box holds a variable, but all of the same type. Below is an example: If we wanted to store an array of integers, or int's, it might look like this: The... Continue Reading →

What Are Logical Operators – C#

You might have seen if statements with some confusing symbols: &&, || or !. These are called the logical operators, and are used to create more complicated logic within an if statement. They are: && - the Logical AND operator || - the Locical OR operator ! - the Logical NOT operator Quick Examples But what do they do? I will give some quick examples. if... Continue Reading →

How Difficult Should I Make My Game?

The subject of difficulty makes for interesting debate. There is a trend these days of making easier games to reach wider audiences. Is that a good thing? Back in the days of the Nintendo NES and SNES, games were much harder as a general rule, particularly when talking about modern Nintendo or casual games -... Continue Reading →

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