50k Trailer Views on Puzzledorf!

The announcement trailer for Puzzledorf has just hit a new milestone today - over 50,000 views! Wow! I am so excited! Given that this game has taken so much time and energy to develop, not to mention going back to study to gain extra skills in programming and business, to put all of that time... Continue Reading →

AIE Incubator Program & Puzzledorf

My upcoming game, Puzzledorf, has been a side project of mine for several years. It has existed in one form or another while I have studied Games Programming and Business at AIE, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. AIE are a college that specialises in educating people in games and visual effects for movies. They have done a fantastic job of... Continue Reading →

Wishlist Puzzledorf On Steam

The Steam Page for Puzzledorf is now live for those who would like to wishlist. It's been a long journey getting to this point, and a long-time dream of mine to have a commercial game available on PC and Steam. Long before Steam ever existed I remember making small games...

Puzzledorf Announcement Trailer Out

There it is - the trailer is here! It has been really interesting learning about what goes into making a good Steam trailer - and it's even harder for a game with no story. Generally there's a few rules of thumbs I picked up...

Puzzledorf Release Approaching

It's been a while coming but the release of Puzzledorf is finally approaching. After unexpected delays with coronavirus, game development taking longer than expected, etc, we are finally here. I want to talk a little bit about the game and it's design, as well as release news.The game is currently in the final stages of... Continue Reading →

How To Use Arrays – C#

What Is An Array Arrays are very common in game development and something I used frequently in my game Puzzledorf to store information. One example is that I store the position of every object in the puzzle below in an array, so they're useful, especially for creating an undo function. The best way to picture... Continue Reading →

What Are Logical Operators – C#

You might have seen if statements with some confusing symbols: &&, || or !. These are called the logical operators, and are used to create more complicated logic within an if statement. They are: && - the Logical AND operator || - the Locical OR operator ! - the Logical NOT operator I use them frequently in Puzzledorf to check when certain things are occurring. For... Continue Reading →

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