The Ice Caves – New Puzzlescript Game

I’ve just released a new Puzzlescript game as a follow on to The Nodus. This one is The Nodus III: Ice Caves. Moving slides you along the ice, pushing blocks will push you backwards, there are bottomless pits and hungry spiders that want to eat you.


New Christmas mini Puzzle Game

Christmas is just around the corner! With only a few days left, I got excited and decided I to make a quick Christmas themed puzzle game. I made it in roughly 3 days to finish it before Christmas, so really it’s a mini-game. I hope you enjoy it. Have a very Merry Christmas! Play it here.


I’ve released a new Puzzle Script game called Marbolo. It is similar to an older puzzle game called Marble Shoot,  but there is a key difference. In Marble Shoot, you could only push one marble, the green one, and had to use that to knock all of the other marbles into the holes. In Marbolo,…

Block Puller

I’ve just put out a new Puzzle Script game on my website called Block Puller. The aim of the game is to pull the orange blocks on the the orange cross. Other elements such as grey blocks and uniquely shaped stages will make this task more difficult as you progress. You can play it on…

Jewels Of The Forgotten

I have just released a new Puzzle Script game, Jewels of the Forgotten, which you can play in the browser. It’s found on my new website, The Pixel Shelf. In the game, you have to push around jewels which slide until you match 3 of the same colour. Of course as the game goes on, the…